Prepare for the SHOW

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about fun and expressionism. That being said, the show has grown to have a certain set of "standards" practiced during it's presentation. While enjoying this fully "audience inclusive" attraction over the years, movie goers have fine tuned a list of props and their proper use during the show. Along with props, part of the fun is interacting with the cast during the show. This is as simple as reciting the time tested lines throughout the production as a group.

While it is fun to interact with the film and the occasional troop of actors on stage in front of the film, you haven't experienced anything until you have taken in a live stage performance.


Let's Prepare


As mentioned previously, we encourage audience participation during The Rocky Horror Show. WE sell our own pre-made Survival (or Props) Kits, and the money generated from the sales goes directly to the production overhead for this show. So feel free to bring your own, but remember, you're helping us keep the Rocky Horror tradition alive on stage when you purchase a Survival Kit from us!

Survival Kits are $3 and (generally) includes:

  • Newspaper: When Brad and Janet are caught in the storm, Janet covers her head with a newspaper. You should too.

  • Glowstick: During "Over at the Frankenstein Place", use your glowsticks to illuminate the theater during the verse "There's a light..."

  • Rubber/Latex Gloves: Frank snaps his gloves during and after the creation speech. Snap along!

  • Noisemaker: At the end of the creation speech, the party goers celebrate with cheers and noisemakers. Help them out!

  • Bag of Confetti: Used at the end of the wedding scene of Brad and Janet. Confetti is used instead of rice. Also, at the end of the Charles Atlas reprise, Rocky and Frank head to the bedroom. Throw some confetti.

  • Toilet Paper: As Dr. Scott enters the lab, Brad cries out "Great Scott!" That is your cue to throw some toilet paper into the air.

  • Playing Cards: 52 pick up....well, without the pick up... During the song "I'm Going Home", there is a line "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain". Shower the theater with cards!

  • A balloon

Items NOT supplied


NO food items allowed (i.e. - Toast or Rice)

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Looking for the lines to speak out during the performance? Want to interact at a whole new level? Well, there are a lot of them. So much so, we couldn't fit them on a single page here.

Download the audience participation guide to add a little extra something to your experience!


The time when everyone is encouraged to get up and dance along! If you don't know how to do it, then:

  1. (It's just a) JUMP TO THE LEFT, with hands UP.

  2. A STEP TO THE RIGHT (A very WIDE step if possible)

  3. (With your hands on your HIPS) YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT.

  4. (Then) THE PELVIC THRUST (if repeated FIVE times, it nearly drives you insa-a-ane)

  5. HIPSWIVEL (if not driven insa-a-ane by step four)


Important Guidelines

Just to make sure we stress how important these are, they have their own page... Important Guidelines